Energy strategies for corporates

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Climate change - Are you aware of the consequences for your company?

Climate change and climate protection do not just influence scientific and political discussions, but also economic developments. They harbor financial risks that are already becoming increasingly apparent in the real and financial economy. Customers, employees, investors and the public have long since ceased to be interested only in a company's hard financial numbers. They expect companies to take responsibility by understanding the environmental and social impacts of their business model and managing them in the context of sustainable development. This causes immense challenges. On the one hand, companies have to fulfill various requirements due to legal regulations. On the other hand, they have to act strategically to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the energy transition and its impact on the power system. Last but not least, they must remain competitive and keep an eye on current developments in digitization.

Massive rise in energy costs

One important factor here: energy costs. In recent years, the prices of electricity, natural gas and heating oil for industry have risen by 160 to 490 percent. Against this background, it is important to identify potential savings in one's own company and implement appropriate efficiency measures. Reducing internal costs for energy and resources will be a key success factor for the competitiveness of companies in the coming years.

klimawandel, klimaschutz, co2-reduktion

Key success factor: coherent climate strategy - "Net Zero”

Proactive action pays off. E.g., measures to reduce CO2 emissions. By doing so, you anticipate future regulation, mitigate associated costs, and open up new sales opportunities through forward-looking reengineering of business models and supply chains. By using renewable energy, you increase competitiveness through long-term favorable power prices and avoidance of CO2 costs. This increases stakeholder confidence in the climate factor of your growth strategy and creates a positive image among customers, employees, society and business partners.

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Power from renewable energies as a central pillar

Power generation from renewable sources such as wind or photovoltaics, which can be generated decentralized and at unbeatably low cost, is rising strongly. This opens up interesting opportunities for companies to rethink the subject of energy and develop forward-looking concepts for the use of renewable energies. For example, power procurement costs can be reduced through ppa`s, sustainability and climate protection goals implemented through CO2 savings, load peaks can be reduced and competitiveness increased, concepts for employee retention can be implemented through free refueling of e-vehicles, sustainability requirements of supply chain partners can be met, and much more.

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Only those who act can win

If you have not yet given the topic the necessary focus in your company, then it is time to act! We support you in setting goals and implementing measures. Just leave your name and phone number - we will get back to you.

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