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Successful project financing with LAOCO: Over a 100 realized projects with more than 500 million Euro financing on the basis of over 12 years of business experience. Your project is in the right hands with us.

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Project Structuring: Professional Planning for Sustainable Success.

We have been involved in over 100 successful financings as well as M&A transactions of renewable energy projects in various countries. We are therefore familiar with the requirement profiles of the different parties, as we know the interests of financiers, buyers as well as sellers - this is a decisive advantage! This 360-degree understanding puts us in a position to understand projects optimally and to structure them accordingly, so that subsequent costly changes in project contracts and structures are avoided as far as possible. This has a positive effect on the company value, financing conditions and transaction costs.

We advise our clients on projects and project portfolios and the corresponding contracts or work together with investors and developers to create and negotiate well-structured and bankable contracts - this already starts with securing land and continues with EPC and O&M contracts up to PPAs. Involve us at the earliest possible stage. In this way, mistakes can be avoided, handling processes can be made more efficient and a better result can be achieved for you and your project. Through our professional project preparation and our excellent network of banks and investors, we get the best out of every project.

Project Assessment and Financial Modelling

We are experts in the creation and verification of complex financial models for wind and PV projects. A user-friendly structure, transparency and minimization of errors during data entry are the focus of the models we create. For many years, numerous clients have relied on the models we have created and continuously developed to evaluate the business value of their projects or to determine the LCOE. Notwithstanding the level of detail necessary to model every project as best as possible, one thing never gets lost: user friendliness. The models have a one-time purchase price and you can also customize and extend them yourself. The best thing is to book a free online presentation with us right away!

In addition, we evaluate potential acquisition targets for you, prepare valuation analyses, check the assumptions you have made for plausibility and market reality and support you in the preparation or review of purchase price bids and risk discounts.

Free Online Presentation

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Funding and Citizen Participation

1. Development phase

Every project starts with an idea - but without financial means to implement it, an idea does not become a project. Project development is often costly and involves high risks in terms of the capital invested, as projects can fail for a wide variety of reasons at different stages of development. If you are not able to raise the necessary capital or prefer to spread risks, then simply present your project to us. We will be happy to consider becoming your project partner, taking over your project or finding a reliable investor from our strong international network.

2. Construction and operation phase

We support you in efficiently financing the construction and operation phases of your wind and photovoltaic projects by identifying, procuring and negotiating the project-specific financing components. These include equity capital, debt capital and hybrid financing elements such as mezzanine capital. The integration of public participation as a financing component is also an important element in many projects and often critical for local acceptance and the feasibility of the project. We have already realized such public participations in a wide variety of ways, e.g. as a classic KG participation with a sales prospectus, subordinated loans or in the form of savings bonds.

Thanks to our long-standing contacts with experienced financing partners, we benefit from short and fast decision-making processes, which we have developed over the years in the course of our activities. As a result, projects structured by us are usually financed faster and at better conditions.

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Optimal building blocks to finance your project.

Citizen participation as recipe for success.

Faster running times and better conditions.

Restructuring of the Capital Structure

Projects usually have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years. This is a long time and it sometimes happens that future assumptions originally made, such as interest rates, are not confirmed or develop differently, or unforeseen situations arise. Such circumstances may make it necessary to restructure the capital structure of the project. Together with you, we develop a comprehensive analysis of the existing structures, identify the critical points and develop an individual solution proposal. On this basis, we then support you in obtaining and negotiating follow-up financing and give your project new perspectives.

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Bid Price Optimization

In Germany, the bidding procedures conducted by the Federal Network Agency for the various technologies are a central element in planning the revenue streams of projects. When determining bids, numerous aspects play a role for the bidders, such as profit maximization, bidding behavior of third parties or aspects related to the implementation timeline of the projects. We analyze the bidding results of the last 12 months and, based on these, make forecasts on the likelihood of awarding various bid amounts, which can be a helpful support for you in determining your bidding strategy. The best thing to do is to send us an e-mail right away.

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Christian Böhm

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Master of Sciences in Economics (Universität Konstanz)


Certified Professional for Renewable Energies Finance (Frankfurt School of Finance)



Nachdem ich 2008 zusammen mit einem Partner eine Investmentboutique für Erneuerbare Energien Assets gegründet hatte, begann eine für mich sehr spannende Reise durch die Themenfelder Projektentwicklung, Projektfinanzierung und Asset Management von Wind- und PV-Projekten in Deutschland, Nord-, Zentral- und Südamerika. Dabei habe ich viele spannende Menschen und Projekte erlebt aber auch mit zahlreichen Herausforderungen zu kämpfen gehabt. Jedes Projekt ist anders und erfordert eine maßgeschneiderte Lösung. Diesen facettenreichen und interdisziplinären Erfahrungsschatz aus über 100 Projekten stelle ich Ihnen als kompetenter und zuverlässiger Partner zur Verfügung – zum Erfolg Ihres Projektes. Gestalten wir Zukunft gemeinsam!



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