Project Development

Project Development

The project development includes onshore wind, open-air and rooftop PV and covers the entire process from project idea to completed power plant that is ready for operation. LAOCO manages the project through all phases, at its own risk and with a holistic approach. External specialist service providers support the process where necessary. Experience is the key to developing a project from the idea to commissioning professionally and in goal-oriented cooperation with all project parties involved. Regional partners are also given priority in order to promote regional value creation.


Project Evaluation

Every project starts with a project idea, which can be based on a tip, planning law requirements or an analysis of the available space. This idea is then subjected to an initial feasibility study in order to identify and evaluate the potential, risks and any existing KO criteria. If this first process step delivers a positive result, the project development can be started.

Project Development

A very important first step in project development is to secure the necessary space to ensure later access in the course of realization. Because without space, there is no project. In addition, the responsible municipality is informed and involved in the planning process at an early stage in order to provide information about the project within the framework of transparent communication and to allow wishes and suggestions to flow into the planning process or to obtain their approval for entering the procedure to create the conditions for urban land use planning.

This is followed by a further investigation of the resources available, the preparation of numerous expert reports to examine the effects of the project on aspects relevant to planning (e.g. environmental reports, technical reports), the planning of the grid connection, economic aspects and the processing of logistical questions. From all the information obtained, the input parameters for the final technical layout are derived.


Once the layout has been finalized, the approval procedure usually follows. However, there are different requirements with regard to the type and scope of the required approval(s), depending on the technology chosen and the respective specifications of the responsible administration. For example, roof-top PV systems are in most cases permit-free, while different permits are required for ground-mounted PV and wind farms.

Current Collection

Power collection is the core element of any energy project and is crucial for the financial viability and economic success of a project. There are different concepts, ranging from state-guaranteed remuneration systems to concepts with complete integration of the electricity market. State-guaranteed feed-in tariffs are, however, disappearing more and more, so that the focus in the future will increasingly be on electricity supply contracts (PPAs). This is accompanied by, among other things, increasing obligations for the generator with regard to the structuring of the electricity supply and the amount of electricity to be supplied. PPAs can therefore be very complex and involve numerous risks that can have a negative impact on the profitability and financial viability of the project.

Project Financing

The financing of projects is a costly and time-consuming component on the way to the finished project. The appropriate financing structure for the project must be found, suitable financing partners must be involved, project contracts must be coordinated and, if necessary, citizen participation concepts must be implemented. Cash flows are subjected to extensive scenario analyses in order to achieve the best result for the project in terms of financing at the end of the day.

Construction and Start-up

LAOCO takes over the project management during the construction phase and ensures that all processes are coordinated in the best possible way in order to guarantee a smooth and on-schedule project implementation. This includes, among other things, the creation of disbursement conditions for financing, efficient budget control through tenders, seamless coordination of individual project contracts and risk management, construction supervision and ongoing project control and acceptance.

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