PV project Attenweiler in early TÖP involvement

After the municipal council passed the resolution to enter into the planning process in July, the planner contracted by LAOCO prepared the necessary documents for the implementation of an early participation of the public interest groups. In the course of October, a meeting will be held to discuss the feedback from the public authorities. The feedback will provide important information for the further textual and graphical specifications, which are to be prepared subsequently and published. In this early phase, environmental and water protection are some of the relevant issues already being considered. In addition, at its meeting at the beginning of October, the municipal council decided, at LAOCO's request, to extend the project area by a further area of approx. 1.2 hectares. This means that the project now covers a total area of approx. 17.3 ha. This is exclusively land previously used as permanent grassland. The agricultural value of the land is low, which is an important criterion. This is because no high-quality areas are being withdrawn from agricultural use and thus, for example, from food production.

Picture: Photo by Pexels

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